How to Create a Secure Envelope for a Document

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The purpose for using a secure envelope is so you can email sensitive information without the concern of the wrong person seeing the information. First, you will want to create and email the secure envelope as explained below (How to create and email a secure envelope). This secure envelope will require a password for the recipient(s) to open/view the email. Secondly, you will need to create and send a separate email to the recipient(s) of the secure envelope. This email needs to contain the password that you created during the setting up of the secure envelope.

At Plymouth State University, we use the Adobe Acrobat Pro software to create a secure envelope for our documents. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Pro on your computer, contact the Help Desk at (603)535-2929 or email for assistance to upload Adobe Acrobat Pro application.

Before you start, convert your document(s) to a PDF(s) by saving the document(s) in Word as a PDF.

How to create and email a secure envelope:

Open Adobe Acrobat on your computer

Click File in upper left corner

Select Open from the drop-down menu

Select the PDF file for which you want to create a secure envelope by clicking on the file once and click the Open button in lower right corner

Select the Tools tab in the upper left corner next to Home

Scroll to the Protect & Standardize section of the Tools

Click on Protect. This will open a new window for setting up protection

Click the More Options to open drop-down options

Select Create Security Envelope from the drop-down

Your document(s) show in the Currently Selected Files box. If not, click the Add File to Send button. If a incorrect file is selected, click the Remove Selected Files button. The example below shows two files are selected even though the first one is highlighted.

Click Next

Select the envelope template you want to use.

The difference in templates is how you want the envelope to look. See below the different styles:

eEnvelope with Signature

eEnvelope with Date

Interdepartment eEnvelope

Once you have selected the template, click Next

Select the Delivery Method. When do you want to send this envelope, now or later

Once you select the delivery method, click Next

Click the checkbox for Show all Policies. This will display the security policies you can apply to the enclosed files

Select the Encrypt with Password. This option requires you to create a password that you will email separately to your recipient(s) so they may open/view the document.

After selecting the policy, click Next

If it is your first time creating a Secure Envelope for a document, you may receive this window after selecting your security policy. If so, just fill in the required information

Verify your options. This is where you verify the correct file, template, and delivery method

If everything looks correct, click Finish. Otherwise click Back or Cancel

You will now be prompted to create the Password you will email separately to the recipient(s). Check the box next to Require a password to open the document

Confirm Password

Click OK

Send Email. As stated earlier in the document, send a separate email to recipient(s) with the password

Select Default email application to use (Microsoft Outlook) or Webmail (Yahoo, Gmail, etc). Click the Continue button.
You are have successfully emailed a secure envelope! Do not forget to send a separate email to recipient(s) with the password.

If you have any questions, contact the Help Desk at (603)535-2929 or email


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