PSU WebCheckout Late Returns Policy

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PSU WebCheckout Late Returns Policy

When you use the Plymouth State University WebCheckout service, you agree to return the items you have borrowed from us on the date and at the time they are due. The items in your loan may be reserved for another patron's loan after your loan period has ended. Please return the items on time so that other patrons will have a chance to borrow them too. If your loan return is overdue, WebCheckout will send you an email once a day until you return it.

If you cannot return your items back on time, please call us at (603) 535-2929 or email us at

If your loan is overdue, and you have not contacted us, we may take the following actions. We may suspend your WebCheckout borrowing privileges until your account is back in good standing. We may put a hold on your PSU student account: you will not be able to register for courses, or graduate, or get transcripts while the hold is in effect. We may file a stolen item report with the PSU University Police. The items in WebCheckout are the property of Plymouth State University, and we are obligated to report the non-return of them to the Plymouth State University Police Department. Also, we reserve the right to permanently revoke your WebCheckout borrowing privileges.

The undersigned acknowledges receiving the listed equipment in good condition and accepts full liability for damage or loss including concealed or unreported damage discovered after return.


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