Taskstream Terms

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  • Author: An individual who creates and submits work in an electronic program portfolio on Taskstream.

  • DRF Program: An electronic portfolio that organizes assessments and provides means to track submission progress, evaluate candidates work, and view evaluation results.

  • DRF (Directed Response Folio) Template: A template that defines the work requirements and evaluation methods for assessments included in an electronic portfolio. The template is assigned to the DRF Program for distribution to authors, reviewers, and evaluators.

  • Evaluator: A program participant who evaluates work submitted by an author or performs other types of evaluations.

  • Evaluation Grid: The location where links are displayed for all items that are ready for evaluation. The evaluator access may be limited to specific items.

  • Requirement: An area within a DRF that defines the work the author must submit. The requirement may include an assignment description, links for uploading work, and evaluation instruments. Reviewer: A program participant to whom authors may submit work for feedback only.


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