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This article describes how to use the Respondus LockDown Browser during quizzes and exams.


Respondus LockDown Browser can be used in conjunction with Moodle quizzes to prevent academic dishonesty during quizzes and exams. The software is available for students to download onto personal computers via a link in the Help & Resources block in Moodle. Additionally, LockDown Browser is also installed on all lab computers on campus for use in proctored or in-class exams.

To use LockDown Browser in your Moodle course

Add the Respondus LockDown Broswer Block

Click Dashboard on the Respondus LockDown Broswer Block

A list of quizzes in the course will be displayed. Quizzes noted as "Required" require students to use LockDown Browser. Quizzes noted as "Not Required" do not require students to use LockDown Browser. Click the arrow of the quiz you want to use LockDown on then click Settings.

Click the button for Require Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam

Several Advanced Settings are available:

  • The first setting will prevent students from exiting
    the browser until the exam is completed. This is
    sometimes used in testing centers where a proctor
    can enter a password to exit an exam early.
  • The second setting will allow students to take
    the exam with an iPad, using the free LockDown
    Browser app.
  • The third setting will allow students to access
    a list of specified web domains during the test.
    The fourth and fifth settings allow instructors to
    provide students with a calculator or print function
    in the LockDown Browser toolbar.
  • For additional information, select the [explain] link
    that follows each setting.

Click Save and Close to apply settings.

Need Additional Help?

For additional Training please visit the Teaching & Learning Technologies Training site or contact the ET&S Help Desk team on your local campus. 


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