Uploading mobile device videos to Moodle

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You can upload videos from a mobile device directly to Moodle by accessing your course through any browser app. Uploads will likely be faster and more successful with a Wifi connection.

1. Record your video using your camera app. Be sure to hold your phone horizontally so that you don't end up with a vertical video and black bars on either side of the end product!
2. On your phone, open a browser app (Chrome, Safari, etc.), and go to https://go.plymouth.edu/kalturalibrary
3. You'll be prompted to log in with your PSU username and password, and then will be taken to your media library. If you receive an error message about session cookies, please adjust your browser settings as outlined here: Kaltura Access or try a different browser app. If you continue to have issues please email the PSU Help Desk.
4. On the My Media page, click the blue Add New button, and then select Media Upload
5. Click Choose a file to upload and select your Photo/Video library
6. Click on the previously recorded video, and then click Choose
7. Optionally, change the name of your video, scroll down and click Save

Now that your video is uploaded, you can complete the following steps either from your phone or a computer: Submitting your video to a forum or assignment in Moodle

To upload mobile videos to YouTube, please see the following site for instructions: Upload YouTube videos


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