Sharing a OneDrive Document/Folder Using a Link

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Sharing a OneDrive Document using a Link

You can use the "Get a Link" button too share with one or multiple people. Creating a Share Link will allow anybody with the link to access your document.

Once you have logged into your OneDrive, locate the document or folder you want to share by using a link.

  1. Click in front of the document or folder and a check mark will appear to show you have selected the document/folder.
  2. Click the button up on the tool bar.

This window will appear:

Click the button in the pop-up window.

After loading the link, the screen will look like this.

Click the text "Anyone with this link can edit this item", if you only want change the access permissions to your document/folder. This window will pop-up on the right side of the screen.

Click the box "Allow editing" to allow people receiving the link to "Edit" document/folder or uncheck the box to allow people only to view. Click "Create Link" to generate a unique URL for sharing. This link can be disabled at any point in this same menu.


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