How do I start a meeting from the Cisco videoconferencing equipment without a computer?

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If you want to start a meeting from the Cisco videoconferencing equipment or other H.323/SIP device without using a computer, the meeting host must do one of the following steps:

Either of these actions must be completed by the host. If the meeting host is unavailable at the time of the meeting, you must start over and create a new meeting using someone else's account.

Enable Join Before Host Option

The easiest way to start a meeting using the Cisco equipment is to enable the Enable join before host option when you schedule your meeting. To do this, schedule the meeting as you normally would, ensuring that the Enable join before host option is checked.

Join before host screenshot (desktop application)

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Join before host screenshot (web interface)

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If you have already scheduled your meeting or need to verify if this option was selected, visit, select your meeting, and confirm the Enable join before host option is checked.

Join using a Host Key

Locate your Host Key in your profile page. This should show up at the top of the screen next to Host Key: *******. Click Show to reveal your host key. You can change it to something easier to remember if you'd like. If you do not see a host key field, contact the Help Desk via phone or email at 535-2929 or

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When you join the meeting on the Cisco equipment or other H.323/SIP device, Zoom will ask for a host key. Enter this code into the field using the remote control and press #. This will begin the meeting.

Host Key on C20 Device

To connect the Cisco equipment or H.323/SIP device to the meeting

  1. Dial
  2. Enter the meeting ID when prompted, and press #

If you have a computer and the host is available:

If you have a computer available and the host is available and you would like to join the meeting using an H.323/SIP device, you can also follow these instructions.


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