How to Upload External Reviews for P&T Candidates

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Here is how you can upload the external reviews for a P&T candidate:

  1. If not already logged into Mahara; login to Mahara
    1. Login to myPlymouth
    2. Select the myCourses tab and the myCourses window appears.In the right column of the window, in the myLearning section, click on Mahara (ePortfolio) You will now be looking at your Mahara Dashboard Page.
  2. On right side of the dashboard screen, click P&T Group for under the title "My Groups"
  3. Under the Group pages, click on External Reviews
  4. Once in that page, click the EDIT button in upper right side of screen
  5. Go to the section where "External Review #" is (# is which external review number you are uploading) and click Cog icon (for edit mode)
  6. Click the Files title, this will expand the files section
  7. Upload files by clicking the checkbox under the the title "Upload File". This enable the "Choose Files" button
  8. Click the Choose Files button.
  9. Find the file(s) you want, highlight the file(s) by clicking on each one and click Open (PC) or Choose (MAC) button. To select multiple files at one time, hold the CMD key for MAC or the CTRL key for PC and click the files you want to select prior to clicking the open or choose button.
  10. Click Save at the bottom of the screen.


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