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This article reviews some of the most frequently asked questions in regard to CoursEval.


FAQ For Everyone:

Why can't I log into my CoursEval?

If you are on campus, look to see which wireless network you are using. The PSU guest network does not allow use of courseval. Use the secure wireless network "PSU Wireless".

If it still does not work, please send an email to helpdesk@plymouth.edu with the following information:

  1. Type of device are you using (laptop, mobile device), as well as mac or pc?
  2. Which operating system and browser are you using.
  3. Take a screen shot and attach it to the email.


Why is CoursEval displaying improperly in my browser?

If this is the first time you are logging in since the upgrade, you may need to clear your cache. For directions with each browser,

Why can't I find my survey?

Surveys are only available to students during the dates it is scheduled to open. The default for this is the last two weeks(14 days) for Undergraduates and ten days for Graduates prior to the term end date plus three additional days after the term end date, unless the instructor has requested an alternative schedule.


FAQ For Faculty Only:

Can I add my own questions?

Faculty (Full-time & Adjunct) may request three custom survey questions. These questions are added to a compiled question list in CoursEval, organized by department. Faculty can then manually add three questions to each of their course surveys. Directions can be found here: Faculty Added Questions

Can I add department questions?

Departments may also request questions (no limit, but keep in mind length of overall survey) specific to their department. The CoursEval Administrator adds department questions to surveys. There is no need for faculty or Chairs to manually add them, but they must be submitted with the procedures found here: Faculty Added Questions

How can I locate my completed evaluations for reporting? Click here for the answer.

If you have any questions about using CoursEval (scheduling, customizing, reporting, etc.), please email


Please include course number, section and name, CRN, instructor, term, and indicate whether it is a graduate or undergraduate course.

Be sure to include a thorough explanation of the problem.Please note that one, part-time employee manages CoursEval on a limited basis. Your questions will be answered as soon as possible.

Need Additional Help?

Contact the ET&S Help Desk team on your local campus.

For additional training see Academic Technology training calendar


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