How to use the Engage Options

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To log into Mahara, follow these instructions:

  1. Login to myPlymouth.

  2. Select the myCourses tab and the myCourses window appears.

  3. In the right column of the window, in the myLearning section, click on Mahara (ePortfolio). You will now be looking at your Mahara portfolio's homepage.

  4. Click on Main Menu in the upper right side of the dashboard page indicated by horizontal lines.

  5. Click on the down arrow next to Engage title.

How to use the Engage Options

The engage section has four options available for use:

  • Groups

    • Select the type of grouping you want to display whether it is "All my groups", "Groups I own", "Groups I'm in" or "Groups I'm invited to".

    • Select the category to refine your search.
    • Click the "Filter" button once you have completed your selection.
  • People
    • Enter in a partial or full name of a friend. A list of all friend names that match anywhere within the name will be displayed.
    • Click the "Search" button once you have completed your selection.
  • Institution Membership - PSU doesn't use this option
  • Discussion Topics
    • Topics - This is a list of discussion topics from any group you are a member. Below is explaining each heading.
    • Topic - The title of the forum topic as well as the group and the forum in which this topic is discussed are shown. They are all linked so that you can easily go to them.
    • Posts - The number of posts in this discussion topic is displayed.
    • Last Post - The beginning of the latest comment in the topic is displayed along with the name of the author (linked to the author's profile page) and the date and time when the forum post was created.
    • Results - Below the list of results at the bottom of the screen, is the amount of items found. If the amount of items found is greater than 10 (which is the items per page), you will be able to navigate to other pages with the navigation buttons.

Portions of this article have been adapted from Mahara documentation.


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