Portfolio Section Overview

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Elements of the Portfolio Section

This section is where you design and manage your portfolio pages. There are five categories for the portfolio section.

  1. Pages and collections: a page contains a selection of artifacts that you can arrange and share with others. Collections contains a title that combines multiple pages into a navigable collection. Think of a collection like a cover of a book with a title and pages reside within the cover.
  2. Shared by Me is where you share your pages and collections with PSU Mahara users and groups or those Non-PSU users you're choosing to share your portfolio pages or collections with by using secret URLs.

  3. Shared with Me is where you can list the most recently modified or commented on pages that have been shared with you directly, you as a friend, you as a member of a group, all registered users, or the public (excluding secret URLs).

  4. Export is where you can download your pages or collections for storage offline.

  5. Import is where you can upload your portfolio from another Mahara site (Leap2A format).


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