Filtering Mail in Office 365

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This article explains how to set filters within your mail settings to sort your incoming mail into different folders.

Log in to myPlymouth (
Locate the O365Apps channel on the main Welcome page.

Click the Mail button. This will bring you directly to your Office 365 Mail.

Select the settings button that looks like a cogwheel at the top right of the page.

Select mail at the bottom of the scroll down list.

Selecting mail opens a new panel on the left with additional settings. Under mail look for Automatic processing, click Inbox and sweep rules below that.

This will open your inbox and sweep rules. Focus on the inbox rules only.

Select the plus (+) icon at the top left to create a new rule.

This opens a screen that will allow you to set the parameters of your rule.
Type a name for the rule.
Select the conditions, the email must meet in order to be filtered to a different folder. You are able to set multiple conditions by selecting the Add condition button.
Select the action. This will tell Office 365 what you would like it to do with the emails that meet the set conditions. You can also set multiple actions by selecting the Add action button.

Once all of your conditions and actions are set, click the OK button at the top left to save your rule.

You will then be able to view your rules. The box will automatically be checked which represents the rule is turned on.
To turn a rule off, uncheck the box and click Save.


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