Sharing an Email Folder in Office 365

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*** Sharing email and calendars must be done on Office 365 online, and not on desktop applications. ***


Sharing an Email Folder

In Office 365 online, you can change the permissions on an email folder to allow other users to view, edit, or send/receive emails from that folder. Here are instructions on how to set up that feature:

1. Log in to myPlymouth ( and locate the myOffice365 Channel on the main Welcome page.

Click the green envelope icon link under the User information section. This will bring you directly to your Office 365 Mail.

2. Next choose the folder you would like to share, right click on the folder, and select Permissions.

3. Now the Permissions window opens. There are already two permissions entered: Default and Anonymous. To share with another user, click the plus sign on the top left of the window.

4. After clicking the plus sign, a new window opens where you will enter the email address of who you want to share the folder. This will auto populate with names when you start typing, so once the person you're looking to share with pops up, click on the name.

5. People you have just added will now appear below Default and Anonymous on the Permissions window. Select their names to edit what you would like them to be able to do with that Email folder. There are some preset Permission Levels. However, to create a custom setting, select the boxes/buttons of the actions you will allow the user to do.

6.Once you've set the level of permissions for the user, click OK at the bottom of the window.


7. You then need to modify the Permissions under your name. Do this by right clicking on your name and then selecting Permissions. You will then complete steps 3-5 again for these Permissions, adding the person you are sharing the folder with. Once the person is added, select OK. You have now successfully shared your folder. The next step is to have the person you shared the folder with accept the share.

8. Have the person who you shared the folder to log on to their mail and right click on their name. Then select "Add shared folder..."

9. Enter in the name of the person who shared the folder and then click Add. This should add the persons name to your folder list with a drop down arrow to the left of the name. If you select this drop down arrow, it should show the folder(s) that person has shared.


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