Creating Inbox Rules

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How To Create an Inbox Rule


Inbox rules function like a filter. You can set a criteria that, when fulfilled, will change how your inbox handles the emails that come in. There are quite a few options, and I will go over a couple of the most useful.

1. Log in to myPlymouth ( and locate the myOffice365 Channel on the main Welcome page. Click the blue "PSU Email" link under the Resources section of the Channel. This will bring you directly to your Office 365 Calendar.


Access PSU Office 365 Email


2. Now select any email from your inbox, right click on it, and select "Create rule...". This brings up the window with all of the conditions and options. (The conditions will auto-populate with criteria from the email you right clicked on)

3. Now start building what conditions you would like the rule to follow. Use the drop down menu(s) to select the condition, a couple examples are:

- "It was received from" - This lets you pick a contact or address that sent the email, so you can filter out certain senders from your inbox.

- "It includes these words" - This will let you filter out emails that contain a key phrase in the subject, body, sender address, etc.

- "It's received within a specific date span" - This allows you to filter emails by the date or time they are received.

4. Once a condition is selected click the green "Select one..." option to define the rule. i.e. What address you are filtering, what key words you are filtering, or what times you are filtering.

- *Note* to add more conditions click the Add condition button below the drop down menus.

5. Now that you've made the conditions, it's time to decide what happens to emails that meet those criteria. Select an option from the "Do all of the following" drop down menu. Some options are:

- "Move, copy, or delete" This has three sub categories:

- "Move the message to folder" - This will take emails that meet your conditions and send them to a folder of your choosing.

- "Copy the message to folder" - This will copy the email to a folder of your choosing.

- "Delete the message" - This option will simply delete emails that meet the conditions you've set.

6. Once the Action is set click the green "Select one..." to choose a folder or destination.

- *Note* You can add more actions by clicking the Add Action button.

7. Click OK at the top of the window to save the rule.


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