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This is your one stop shop for questions you may have about using Office 365 online. Below are links to knowledge base articles containing walkthroughs of common email and calendar tasks.

Note - *** Sharing email and calendars must be done on Office 365 online, and not on desktop applications. ***


- For questions about accessing your Email online click here: Setting up Email and Calendar on Androidor Apple iOS

- To set up your Email signature for Office 365, click here: Setting up your Email Signature

- To use the custom image signature you had created for Zimbra as your Office 365 signature, click here: Using Your Custom Image Signature

- For help composing and sending an Email using Office 365 online, click here: Sending an Email

- If you would like to set up an out-of-office or away message, click here: Creating an Away Message

- To share an Email folder with another user, click here: Sharing an Email Folder

- To setup email filters for your email, click here: Filtering Mail in Office 365

- To turn off the "Clutter" feature, click here: Turn off Clutter

- For instructions on how to recover deleted emails, click here: Recovering Deleted Emails


- To access your online calendar, click here: Getting to your online Calendar

- To create an event and to see a person's availability, click here: Creating a Calendar Event

- To create and share a calendar, click here: Creating and Sharing a Calendar


- To setup PSU Email and Calendar on Android devices, click here: Setting up Email and Calendar on Android

- To setup PSU Email and Calendar on Apple iOS devices, click here: Setting up Email and Calendar on Apple iOS


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