Composing an Email in Office 365

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How to Compose a Message in Office 365

Log in to myPlymouth (

Either locate the O365Apps Channel on the main Welcome page. Click the Mail icon in O365 waffle.

Or click the green envelope icon on the left side of the screen under your name and username.

Either of these will bring you directly to your Office 365 Mail.

Once you are viewing your inbox, click the New Message button in the upper left corner.

This will open the email composition window.

When selecting people who will receive your email, you can type the full address after "To". Or you can type it partially and then select the desired address that auto-populates. You can also click the "To" box and search through your contact list or any list you desire to use. Click Save when finished.

Once you've selected who you are sending this message to, write the email in the main text box.

There are multiple options on the bottom bar to choose from such as (from left to right)  Attach a file (paper clip icon), Insert Picture, Emoji, Formatting Options, and three horizontal dots representing additional options.

After you have written your email and added who will receive it, select the "Send" button in the bottom of the window shown in the image above.



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