Setting up a TV and Scanning for Channels

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This article describes how to properly set up your television and scan for channels. This will be a general way to scan for channels on televisions. The methods may vary depending on the brand and which model you are using. Please use this article as a base for scanning for channels.

Follow the instruction below to set up your TV:

  1. Connect a coaxial cable from the wall to the back of your TV.

Follow the instructions below to scan for channels:

It is typical for your television to not see any channels when you first set it up. To scan for channels, please verify that you are properly configured and that the coaxial cable is securely connected.

  1. Go to the Menu and find the Channels or Setup section (this can vary depending on your television).

  2. Verify that the TV input is currently set to Cable (unless you are using an older television with the rabbit-ear antennas, then connect using ANT (antenna)).

  3. Perform a Channel Scan.

If problems persist, please contact us at the ITS Help Desk located on the Main floor of Lamson Library, or contact us at (603)-535-2929.


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