Office 365: OneDrive

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Office 365 comes packaged with OneDrive, a cloud-based storage solution similar to Dropbox or Google Drive.

Each PSU campus member receives one terabyte of cloud storage for their stay at Plymouth State.


1. To access OneDrive, you will need to go to your myPlymouth Welcome page and click the "View myMail" icon at the top left underneath where your name appears.

2. You may then be asked to sign in with your myPlymouth username and password. Sign in using your myPlymouth username and NOT your email alias.

3. After signing in you will be brought to your Office 365 email Inbox. At the top left of the screen, right above the search bar, you will see a grid icon. Click on that icon in order to show your Office 365 applications.

4. In the panel that shows up, you should see One Drive. Click on it in order to open it up in a new tab in your browser.

5. This is the main OneDrive landing page. From here, you can manage your Office documents, upload files to the drive, and share items directly through OneDrive or through email.

6. The "New" button allows you to create online Office documents, such as word documents or excel spreadsheets. Additionally, you can use this to create new folders to manage your work.

7. The "Upload" button opens a dialog to pull files from your local computer to your OneDrive. Uploaded files can be accessed from any computer once you log into your OneDrive.

8. Folders can be used to organize your work. Each folder has specific sharing rules, allowing you to share folders with specific people, groups, or everybody. By default, a new folder will not be shared with anybody except for the Shared with Everyone folder. As it's name implies, items in this folder can be viewed by anybody.

9. To share an item in OneDrive, click the check box next to the desired item(s) and click "Share." This will open a new dialog allowing you to search for the people you'd like to share with. You can search using their full names, or their PSU usernames. Once you've selected the appropriate corroborators, click "Share" in this dialog to send them an invite.

9a. Alternatively, you can use the "Get a Link" button send an invite. Creating a Share Link will allow anybody with the link to access your document. You can choose whether to create a "View" link, or an "Edit" link to alter what level of control the link will provide. Click "Create Link" to generate a unique URL for sharing. This link can be disabled at any point in this same menu.

9b. To see what items others' have shared with you, select "Shared with me" on the left hand bar.


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