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This article describes how to compose a web page in Moodle.


The Moodle web page is an extremely versatile feature, as it can be used to display customized text, audio, images, and video. Use this feature to embed a YouTube video (see instructions here: Embedding a YouTube Video) or add HTML content and code from another website or text document. This resource replaces the Moodle 1 Compose a Web Page and Compose a Text Page.


  1. Login to myPlymouth
  2. Select the myCourses tab and the myCourses window appears.
  3. In the center column, select your class title from the appropriate semester category in the myCourses channel. You will now be looking at your course's home page.
  4. Click on the Turn editing on button in the top right corner.
  5. Navigate to the topic/week of your choice, and click on the + Add an activity or resource menu.
  6. Choose the Page radio button and select Add at the bottom of the window.
  7. Under the General section, the Name field is required.
  8. Scroll down a little to the Content/Page Content section. This is where you will input or paste in your page content.
  9. If you would like to add HTML, first click on the HTML button in the toolbar above the Page Content window.
  10. Paste your HTML in the popup window and click Update to save it.
  11. When your work is complete, scroll down and click on Save and return to course.


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