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This article reviews how to add custom survey questions in CoursEval.


Question Requests:

Faculty Questions: Faculty (Full-time & Lecturer) may request three custom survey questions. These questions are added to a compiled question list in CoursEval, organized by department. Faculty can manually add three questions to each of their course surveys.
Department Questions: Departments may also request questions (no limit, but keep in mind length of overall survey) specific to their department. The CoursEval Administrator adds department questions to surveys. There is no need for faculty or Chairs to manually add them.

Procedure for adding questions to CoursEval:

Four weeks prior to start of Fall and Spring terms: The CoursEval Administrator will contact department chairs to remind them to contact their faculty members to submit individual faculty proposed questions for Chair review. Chair review of proposed questions includes eliminating question redundancy between faculty and department questions and between questions from multiple faculty.

One week prior to first course start date: See example/model list below. A single document will be sent to the CoursEval Administrator from the Chair which will include the department's questions, and faculty members' questions, which have been vetted by the Chair. Ex:

Word Document title: Math Dept Questions Request 9_13.doc

Math Department Questions




Math Dept. Faculty Added Questions:




One week before the first course evaluation opens: Faculty will be notified and able to add their requested questions to their surveys in CoursEval. Upon uploading the departmental and individual faculty members' questions to the 'Master CoursEval Question List', the CoursEval Administrator will contact the faculty to let them know they can choose and manually add their three questions (if requested) from the single Faculty Added Question List' to their course(s) survey(s) in CoursEval. Directions are as follows.






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