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  • Course start and end dates in Banner must be correct. Chairs are responsible to put in place a process to ensure this occurs by the start of the semester/term when courses are imported into CoursEval.
  • At the start of the semester/term, email alerts will go out to faculty announcing survey dates.
  • Surveys will be open for 2 weeks and three days:
    • Fall & Spring Undergrad Courses:
      • Full semester and second half-semester course surveys close end of finals week plus three days.
      • First half-semester course surveys will close the last day of class plus three days.
      • Exceptions: Short run courses (less than six weeks), weekend courses, etc. will be kept open seven days, ending four days after the last day of class. These must be reported to the CE manager to be sure they are properly scheduled.
      • Special requests must be made at the start of the semester by the Chair. Four weeks prior to semester start, an Excel file will be emailed to Chairs by the CoursEval Aministrator, so all required information for the special request is submitted.
    • All Graduate, UG Summer and UG Winterim Courses:
  • Surveys must be closed before grades are posted.
  • Survey results will not be released until grades are posted.
  • All references to "course evaluations" will now be referred to as "Course & Instructor Feedback" surveys.
  • All surveys are viewable by the responsible Faculty, Department Chair, College Dean, and the Provost. The Graduate Programming and Assessment Coordinator will continue to have access to graduate course surveys.
  • All student responses will be accessible regardless of course enrollment or number of responses.


List of Gen Ed Questions for reference when doing Survey Intelligence Reports

Faculty Day Presentation

Paul Fedorchak's Presentation at the 4/1 Faculty meeting.

Summary of survey results conducted in Fall 2013. This survey was administered to all faculty, teaching lecturers, administrators and students.


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