Downloading and Installing Audacity

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If you would like to be able to edit your audio recordings before posting them into Moodle, we recommend the use of Audacity, which is a free program for audio recording and editing. Below are some links to download the program, please see the Audacity website for help in using the program.

For PC users

  1. Download Audacity. Left-click on the latest installer file (saved as an .EXE file type).
  2. Click on the Save button and save the resulting .EXE file to the desktop of your computer.
  3. Navigate to where the file was saved and double click on it to start the installation process.
  4. The Audacity Install Wizard will appear. Click the Next button and accept the terms of agreement.
  5. Continue to click the Next button until the wizard is done, and then click the Finish button
  6. Audacity will now be accessible as an icon on your desktop, you can double click the icon to run the program.

Exporting as MP3

Because of software patents, Audacity cannot package the MP3 exporting capabilities with the original software. You must download the MP3 software separately (LAME encoder).

Download the LAME encoder here: Go to the download page

Left-click on the Lame (version x) for Windows.exe link underneath the For FFMpeg/LAME on Windows heading.

Save the file anywhere on your computer.

Navigate to where the file was saved and double click on it to start the process.

Follow the setup instructions to install LAME for Audacity, making sure not to change the offered installation location of "C:\Program Files\Lame for Audacity" (or "C:\Program Files (x86)\Lame for Audacity" on a 64-bit version of Windows).

You should now be able to export MP3s with your Audacity recordings.

After you finish your recording in Audacity, choose the File > Export... option.

Then select MP3 Files in the File Export dialog box.

Continue saving your file as you would normally.

For Mac users

Download Audacity

This additional package is needed to add exporting to MP3 functionality: LAME mp3 encoder

When the LAME installer has finished installing, click the file that was downloaded to open the installer. Your Mac might warn you about the file before you open it. You can click "Open" to continue the installation process.

After you have opened the package, this screen will pop up. Click continue to keep installing.

When the installer wants to install you will have to enter your computer's Admin password to continue. An example is below.

After you walk through the installation process, look for the program in your Applications folder and click on the icon once to run the program.


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