Samuel Read Hall Hall 316 - Technical Operations of ONE BUTTON STUDIO

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Technical Operation of ONE BUTTON STUDIO in Samuel Read Hall Hall 316

System Operation

1) Users must sit at the appropriate station labeled for the room they wish to observe.

2) When an operator sits at a station, they may find the screen blank. Power to the monitor may have been turned off. There is a power button under the lower right-hand side of each monitor.

3) When on, each station should be showing the ONE BUTTON STUDIO app. If it does not, try using the mouse to restart app or the entire computer (if needed). It will automatically login and start the application. When it asks for the

4) Follow the directions on the screen to get started. When finished with your recording, users must press the large button again to stop the recording, and wait for the application to tell you it is OK to remove the flash drive.

Camera Operation

1) Use the joystick on the camera controller to move the camera

2) DO NOT press any buttons on the camera controller.

Listening Operation

1) While recording, you can listen in on conversations with the headphones.

2) Located under the right-hand side of each monitor, you will find an audio mixer. To adjust the listening volume on the headphones, turn the knob up or down that is labeled

3) DO NOT adjust any other knobs on the audio mixer.

When Finished

1) Don't forget your flash drive and hang the headphones back on the monitor.

2) Please turn the monitor off before you leave.

3) These work stations do not have Internet access, MS Office applications or ability to playback your video files. Do not use them for any other purpose.

4) Yes, Penn State wrote the ONE BUTTON STUDIO app. They distribute it for everyone to use on the App Store.


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