MAC address on Microsoft Windows

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Method 1

To find your computer's MAC address on a Microsoft Windows machine, first open the command prompt by clicking on the start menu.

Then type in 'command prompt' into the search bar, and then click on the icon that comes up.

Once the command prompt is open, type in 'getmac -v'.

A few numbers will show up, the highlighted string of numbers under the words "Physical Adress" is your computer's MAC adress.

Method 2

Alternatively, to find your computer's MAC address you can also open up the start menu, type in 'ip', and click on the icon that shows up.

Mouse over to the icon that says "Wireless Network Connection", and right click on that icon. Then left click on 'status'.

On the window that opens up, click on 'status'.

The highlighted string of numbers labled "Physical Address" is your MAC address.


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