Moodle - Saving your course for archiving purposes - Backup

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  1. Log into myPlymouth
  2. Select the myCourses tab and the myCourses window appears.
  3. In the center column, select your class title from the appropriate semester category in the myCourses channel. You will now be looking at your course's home page.
    • To access previous semester courses, click the Moodle link in the myLearning section in the right column of the myCourses page. This will bring you to Moodle's main page. You will find your older classes listed in the Navigation block under My Courses on the left side of the screen.
  4. Once you've logged into your course, locate the Settings block (usually listed on the left side of the screen) and select Backup.

Backup button

5. Select Next.
6. Select the items you'd like to be transferred over (by default, everything is checked off) and select Next.
7. Scroll down and click on Perform backup.
8. Your backup should be saved successfully. You will still need to download your backup file. Click Continue.
9. You'll be taken to a page where Moodle will show you your course backup file. It will be listed in the Course Backup Area. Select the Download link next to the appropriate backup file (see image below). Backup download
10. Navigate to a folder on your computer where you will store the file and save.


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