Moodle - Adding a manual grade item (gradable column)

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This article describes how to create a grade item in the Gradebook that does not relate to a Moodle activity (such as an in-class exam or presentation).


When you add a gradable activity to your course, whether it's an assignment, quiz, graded forum, etc., Moodle automatically creates a grading column in your Gradebook area. Once you grade those activities, Moodle will update your Gradebook with the appropriate scores. In some cases though, you may need to create a grade item in the Gradebook that does not relate to a Moodle activity (examples could include an in-class exam or an oral presentation). Follow the steps below to add in a blank gradable item to your Gradebook.


  1. In the course Administration block (usually found on the left sidebar), click Gradebook Setup.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of this page and click the Add grade item button.
  3. Enter an Item name and a Maximum grade, as well as choosing a Category if applicable (this option will not be visible if no categories exist in your Gradebook).
  4. When you are done, scroll to the bottom and select Save changes.
  5. You will be automatically taken back to the Gradebook Setup page and your new graded item will appear in the list.
    • To grade this item, select the Grader report or Single View option from the drop down menu to manually enter grades (be sure to select the Save changes button at the bottom to save your scores).


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