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This article describes how to drop the lowest score for an assignment category in Moodle.


The Moodle Gradebook features the ability to remove an item from being calculated into a category total or course score. For example, Professor Smith assigns 11 homework assignments and has created a category in the Gradebook Setup that contains all of them. At the end of the term, she wishes to remove their lowest Assignment score. That way, Moodle will calculate the student's 10 best scores for the Assignments portion of the class. The Drop the lowest feature can be enabled within the grade category settings.

Note: It is important to note that gradable items without a score are not counted against your students. If a student has yet to pass in an assignment, it is recommended that you give him/her a zero in either the Assignment itself or manually in the Grader Report. Otherwise, Moodle will not include empty grades in its course total calculation.


  1. In your course's Administration block (usually found on the left sidebar), select Gradebook Setup
  2. You'll only be able to drop the lowest score if it's located in a category (for example: Quizzes or Homeworks). For more information on how to set up categories, please refer to the following link Creating your Gradebook - Building Categories..
  3. For the category you would like to edit, click Edit, then Edit Settings under the Action column.
  4. On the next page, click the Show more link to see the full list of settings.

Grades show more link 5. Under Drop the Lowest, type in the number of assignments you wish to remove from being scored.

Drop the lowest grade
6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the Save changes button.
7. When Moodle calculates the score for that category, it will remove each student's lowest score from its calculation.

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