Moodle - Adding an Image

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Inserting an Image

  1. Visit your Edit header area of the appropriate Topic or Week, again you do so by clicking on the gear icon.
  2. Inside the Summary text box, locate and click on the Insert/edit image icon in the formatting toolbar (looks like a tree within a picture frame):
  3. The Insert/edit image pop up window will appear. Select the Find or upload an image... button.


4.Moodle's File Picker window will appear. Click on the Upload a file link on the left side. Then click on the Browse... (or Choose File) button to locate the file on your computer. Once found, select the file and choose Open.

5. Back in the File Picker dialog box, select the Upload this file button at the bottom of the window.



6. The image file will then be displayed in the Preview section. Type out a quick description of the image in the Image description field.

7. Once completed, select the Insert button at the bottom to place the image in your Summary text box.

Tip: If your image is too big, select the image and click on the Insert/edit image icon again. Select the Appearance tab at the top to resize your image's dimensions.


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