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This article describes how to use the logs feature in moodle.


Activity Logs within Moodle provide an instructor the ability to view the click paths of a particular student (or the entire class). The reports area can be used in a variety of ways, most commonly to verify the participation or completion of assignments, quizzes, etc. when there is a need to resolve a dispute or technical error.


  1. In the Administration block on the left side of your page, click 'Reports' and then 'Logs'
  2. From the drop-down menus at the top of the page, select any combination student, date, activity and actions, then click the Get these logs button. You can see which activities the student accessed, the time and date they accessed them, and their actions. You can choose to display the logs on a page or download them in text or Excel format.
  • Live Logs: This link shows logs from the past hour.
  • Activity Report: A course activity report, showing the number of views for each activity and resource.
  • Course Participation: Allows the teacher to view participation by activity.

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