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The Glossary feature is just what it sounds like, a listing of words and terms that are specific to your course's area of study. This is a great place to build on terminology week to week whether your course pertains to Meteorology or Language and Linguistics. Students can be allowed to comment on or rate glossary terms. Allowing the students to create definitions to glossary terms proposed by the Professor is another opportunity to increase collaboration and interactivity.


  1. Log into myPlymouth
  2. Select the myCourses tab and the myCourses window appears.
  3. In the center column, select your class title from the appropriate semester category in the myCourses channel. You will now be looking at your course's home page.
  4. Click on the Turn editing on button in the top right corner.
  5. Navigate to the topic/week of your choice, and click on the + Add an activity or resource menu.
  6. Choose the Glossary radio button and select Add at the bottom of the window.
    • First we will create the glossary itself which is the container for your glossary terms. After we create the glossary, we will add entries.
  7. In the following window, fill in the Name and Description areas as these are required fields. The Name field can describe the types of entries this glossary will hold, such as Verbs in the French Language.
  8. Continue through the page and choose the appropriate options for your course.
  9. When you have made your selections, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Save and return to course.

Now that we have created the glossary, let's add some entries to it.

  1. In your main course page, select the glossary that you just created.
  2. In the following window, click on Add a new entry to begin adding terms to your glossary.
  3. As you build the glossary the terms become alphabetized and searchable.


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