Student Schedule

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  1. Log into myPlymouth
  2. Click on the Services Tab
  3. Click on the Faculty link that is located in the Self Service channel.

View a Student's Schedule

  1. Click on the Student Menu link in the Faculty menu
  2. The Student Information menu appears
  3. Click on View student schedule
  4. If you have not yet selected the term for which you need advisor information,
    • Click on the triangle in the box next to Select a Term to access the drop down menu.
    • Click on the term in which your schedule is offered.
    • Click on the Submit button to save your choice.
  5. The ID Selection window appears
  6. Type any student's ID or search for a student by typing his/her last name
  7. Click on the Submit button
  8. Click on the triangle in the box next to "Student or Advisee" to access the drop down list
  9. Click on the appropriate student's name
  10. Click on the "Submit" button
  11. The student's schedule is displayed

Additional Options

To print, click on the printer icon in the toolbar, or click and drag your cursor across the text, and then copy and paste the text into Microsoft Word or Excel. To return to the Faculty Services Menu, click on the "Faculty Services" link at the top of the window.


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