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The Student Query feature of Self Service allows faculty members to search for a list of students using several criteria, such as GPA, department, major, etc. The list of students can then be used to create mailing labels, email lists, or reports.

Search for a list of students

  1. Log into myPlymouth
  2. Click on the Services tab.
  3. In the Self Service Channel, click on Faculty
  4. Click Student Query in the Faculty Menu.
  5. Select the Termcode you are looking for from the dropdown menu, or type in the termcode, and click the Submit button
  6. You will now see text fields, drop- down lists, radio buttons, and check boxes. These are used to adjust the search criteria when querying for students. Please note that you may leave anything blank if it does not pertain to your search.
  7. Use the check boxes to choose the information that you wish to display on your search results. By default ID and name will always be included in every search results.
  8. The Student Query allows you to sort your search using the sorting boxes located at the bottom of the page. Choose how you wish your search results to be sorted (you may even choose not to sort your query at all!).
  9. Now that your search criteria and results criteria have been chosen, click the "Submit" button to view your results.
  10. You should now see a list of students that met your search criteria. The total number of students returned in your results is displayed directly above the list of students.

Copy the list of students into Excel

Once you have selected your criteria in Student Query, submitted, and finally are viewing the student information on your web browser, you are ready to transfer the information. To do this, click and drag your mouse over that data you wish to select. If your query has returned thousands of records, you will need to click and drag all the way to the bottom of the page. Note that the page may take a while to scroll to the very bottom while clicking and dragging. Avoid selecting the button that appears below your list of students as it will cause problems when viewing your data within Excel.

  1. Now that you have selected all of the student information, click "Edit" on the browser's Menu Bar and then click Copy
  2. Open Microsoft Excel.
  3. Click in the top-left-most cell.
  4. Using Excel's Edit menu,click Paste
  5. The student information from your query will appear in your Excel spreadsheet.
  6. If you want to sort the student information within Excel To sort a column alphabetically, click on the column "letter" of the column you wish to sort.
  7. Click on sort Ascending (or Descending) icon in the Toolbar.
  8. A dialog box will pop up asking if you would like to "Expand the selection" or "Continue with the current selection". Select "Expand the selection".
  9. Click the Sort button.
  10. Save your file and it is now prepared for use with Mail Merge.


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