Using your M-Drive or MyDrive

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M Drive

Each faculty, staff, and student at Plymouth State University is provided with personal file storage space on the university servers. This space is accessible from any computer on campus and is referred to as the M: drive. The data stored on M: Drive is backed up nightly and is also accessible via or
When attempting to access your MyDrive through or please follow these instructions:
The following instructions must be done in either Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari. Do NOT use Google Chrome
1) Log in with your PSU username and password.
Note: If you have trouble logging into the Plymouth Secure Portal please reference -
2) Click on the M-Drive link in your VPN homepage.
3) You should now be able to view the contents of your myDrive.
For your convenience the M: drive can be mapped to your Windows or Mac computer.

Departmental Shares

Most departments also have a common shared file space referred to as a Departmental Share. The Departmental Drive is for group sharing and access is coordinated by an administrator within each individual department. Departmental Shares need to be mapped manually for first logon, but may be set to remembered on PSU employee computers. Access to Departmental Shares form off-campus or from a personal computer (i.e. you don't log onto your computer using your myPlymouth username and password) require VPN login.
The departmental drive can be mapped to computers accessing our network as well through these tutorials.


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