Using Kaltura Capture to Record a Zoom Session Associated with a HIPAA Account



There may be times when someone with a HIPAA Zoom account needs to record a Zoom meeting for purposes that do not fall under HIPAA requirements. Users should never follow the instructions in this article if there is HIPAA-sensitive content in the recording. 


  1. Start your Zoom meeting as you normally would. If you need help, please refer to this related video about Starting a Zoom Meeting and Sharing a PowerPoint
  2. Once your Zoom meeting has started, you can then start a Kaltura Capture recording. To do this, please follow the instructions in the article Kaltura Capture: Getting Started.
    • Please note that you should not have to change any of your audio or video settings as they should default to those you used when you set up your Zoom session. Please confirm this prior to starting your Capture recording, though.  

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