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This article will discuss how to add a non-UNH user to a meeting as a Host or Co-host


Adding a user as an Alternative Host:

There may be times when a non-UNH user will be invited to a Zoom meeting perhaps as a guest speaker or just to participate in the meeting.  When you initially set up the meeting the alternate host can be added to the Alternative Hosts field.  In order to preset the alternate host that user must have a USNH email address whether @unh.edu or @wildcats.unh.edu, @plymouth.edu etc.  

User not found:

In the event you are attempting to add someone as an alternative host and that user has a USNH email but the system will not allow you to add them giving a message of

"XXXX@XXXX.edu is not a user in your Zoom account" 

This means the person you are attempting to add has not formally activated their Zoom account yet.  They will need to log into Zoom using their USNH credentials in order to activate their Zoom license.  Once complete, meeting creators will be able to add them as an Alternative Host.  Zoom: How to Sign In

User is outside of USNH:

If the user is not part of the UNH community, you need to assign the Co-Host role after they join the meeting.  Follow the instructions below.

  1. Schedule a Zoom meeting
  2. Send the link to the Non-UNH participant
  3. Once the meeting starts and the outside participant joins
  4. Use the participants panel, click on users name, choose More
  5. Make participant Host or Co-host

The original host can always take the Host role back using the Participants window in Zoom.


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