Sanitizing Microphones


This article will discuss different options to disinfect a microphone after it has been used. Attribution is made to the Sennheiser corporation for some of this content.


How to clean your microphone:
With many disinfection measures in place to help stop the coronavirus, you may be wondering how best to clean your microphone, bodypack transmitter and microphone receiver. While we are not virologists and won’t be able to provide 100% medically proven advice on disinfecting technical equipment, we would like to suggest some practical measures that can help to protect you and others. We hope this information helps you in handling our products safely. Stay healthy. If you should have any further questions on this topic, please do reach out to your local Sennheiser subsidiary or partner. We are all happy to help.

Is there a possibility that the virus can spread via a microphone?
When we speak, tiny liquid droplets leave our mouth together with the air we exhale. These droplets of saliva can accumulate in and on the windscreen of a microphone, especially during close-miking. Although it is not very likely that these droplets will leave the windscreen, there is a possibility that the next speaker or singer touches the windscreen with their lips, and if this windscreen was contaminated, the virus could enter their body. The virus can also be transferred when you replace a windshield and do not observe the necessary hygiene measures. If you touch a windshield that has just been used and then touch your face, you may contract an infection.

Disinfectant Wipes:  Once the microphone use has been compete, use a disinfect wipe provided in each room and gently wipe the exterior of the microphone.  If the wipe is very wet, we recommend placing it in a paper towel first to remove some of the excess moisture before wiping the mic. 

Aerosol disinfectant:   If such items like Lysol are available in the room, the user can hold the microphone about arms length away and spray in quick bursts the microphone to ensure all surfaces have been hit with the aerosol.

Always use alcohol based hand sanitizer or wash your hands well with Soap and Hot water before and after handling the microphone.

For more information please visit the following website:  Microphone Hygiene

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