Canvas: Adding Media to New Quizzes


Currently, the embed Kaltura icon and tool is not present in the New Quizzes text editor. This article explains how to either embed Kaltura media into a New Quizzes question prompt, or how to upload media and images directly into a New Quizzes question prompt.

When Classic Quizzes are copied or migrated to New Quizzes the videos that are added from Kaltura Media will have to be re-added to New Quizzes. 


Kaltura Option - Embedding Kaltura Content into a New Quizzes Question:

  1. Go to, Click on GUEST in upper right corner, and select LOGIN. Login with your USNH credentials.
  2. Click on your name and select My Media.
  3. Scroll down and click on the name of the media you want to use.
  4. Click on the SHARE icon and select EMBED.
  5. Copy the Embed code. 
  6. Navigate to the question in your course.
  7. In the New Quiz Text Editor click on the FILM STRIP ICONSelect EMBED and paste the embed code into the box, click OK. When finished, click DONE



Direct Upload Option - Uploading Media Directly to a New Quizzes Question:

  1. In the New Quizzes Text Editor click on the MEDIA UPLOAD icon. 

2. Select the media type, and either drag and drop the media, or search for it on your computer. (.MOV video files are not supported). When selected, click IMPORT.

Need additional help?

Please use this link to the ET&S Help Desk team to locate your local campus contact information.  Use the “Submit a Question” for your campus to enter an online support request. 


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