Kaltura: Basic Video Editing


This article describes how to use the basic editing tools found in Kaltura. Learn how to Chop, Splice, Trim, Clip and add Hotspots.


To launch the Kaltura Video Editor:

  1. Login to Canvas or MediaSpace 
  2. Go to My Media.
  3. Click on the title of the media you want to edit.
  4. Click on Actions.
  5. Click on Launch Editor (not Edit) 

The Kaltura Editor window is displayed.

To learn how to Chop and Splice media, please see this video:

Chopping and Splicing

To learn how to Trim and Clip media, please see this video:

Trimming and Clipping

To learn how to create Hotspots in your media, please see this video:

Creating Hotspots

Adding Chapters

Chapters are like bookmarks in the video and can be used to navigate through the video.

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