EAB: Navigate - Cancelling Campaigns


This article will cover the process of cancelling a campaign that has been created and sent to students.  This can be a multi-step process if students registered for a session related to the campaign.  If there are existing sessions with students for the campaign, the user will need to not only delete the campaign but also manually remove said appointments from their calendar.  The system will remove any availability associated to a campaign once deleted however, it will not remove previously scheduled appointments associated with the campaign if they were made before the campaign was removed.


1.  Navigate to the Campaign area of the application

2.  Click on the campaign that needs to be cancelled

3.  To see if any students have made appointments for this campaign, look at the "Appointments Made" tab within the campaign before deleting the campaign.

4.  Once the campaign opens, choose "Delete This Campaign" on the right side of the screen

5.  Once the Campaign has been removed from the list, the user must then navigate to the calendar to manually remove any and all appointments individually that have a student(s) signed up

6.  Navigate to the calendar and browse through the date range that was set up for the campaign.  Any appointment with the name of the deleted campaign that still remain have student(s) registered.

7.  Click on the appointment, when the appointment dialog opens, click "Cancel Appointment" in the lower left.

8.  The user must provide a reason for the cancellation as well as a comment to provide clarification/instructions for the student.

9.  The student(s) will receive an email with all the details contained within the appointment.



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