Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Editing Approved Content (Withdraw)


This article covers the process of editing email content that has been previously Approved.

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NOTE:  Withdrawing email content DOES NOT cancel the previously scheduled send.  The scheduled send will use the original content. i.e. If the user updates the content after a send has been scheduled, they will need to cancel the send, and reschedule with the new updated content. See related article: Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Cancelling a Send

Whether a case where the user wants to use content that was created earlier but may need to adjust dates, times, possibly a link or other items. By design SFMC does not allow users to edit Approved content.

1. From the Content page within the Email Studio locate the content that needs to be edited

2. Click on the name and open the content.

3. If the content is in Approved status, the user will notice that once open, Edit functions are no longer active, the user will get a strike through circle to indicate this


4. To activate the edit functions, Click the arrow next to 'Approved' and choose 'Withdraw'

5. Once the email is withdrawn the Edit functionality becomes available and the user can then edit the content

6. In order to use this content to Send, the user will need to go through the Approval process again. See article: Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Submitting Email Content for Approval


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