Kaltura: Media Gallery


This article gives a general overview of Media Gallery and its analytics.


A Media Gallery is a page within a course used for sharing video and audio. The gallery will display all media uploaded by instructors and students (student uploads can be set to require approval). Each course has its own Media Gallery.


How to enable the Media Gallery within Canvas:

Learn more about "Enabling the Media Gallery."


How to upload or create media within the Media Gallery:

Please refer to Kaltura: Upload or Create Media.


How to manage the Media Gallery, prevent student uploads, and run analytics:

Refer to the following excerpts from the official Kaltura documentation.

Adding course-embedded media to the Media Gallery:

You can now easily display media that is embedded in your course into your Media Gallery through the Media Gallery menu in your course. Under Media Gallery settings, if “display embedded media in this media gallery” is off and you embed something or have videos already embedded and not in the media gallery, they do not show up in the media gallery. If “display embedded media in this media gallery” is selected then any videos embedded and not previously in the media gallery now appear. Access the Media gallery setting by clicking on the three bars in the upper right corner, click on EDIT. The options box will open with your selections. 

Managing a Media Gallery:

By default, users with a Teacher role in a Canvas course can manage the course Media Gallery. As the manager, you can perform actions that other users enrolled in the course cannot.

These actions include:

  • Configuring settings and setting the description for the Media Gallery
  • Moderating the content added to the Media Gallery
  • Removing content from the Media Gallery
  • Access the Media Gallery Analytics page

NOTE: By default, a Teaching Assistant in Canvas is a Media Gallery moderator and can moderate content added to the Media Gallery

All users enrolled in the course can:

  • View approves content
  • Browse and search the Media Gallery
  • Add Media (pending the instructor's moderation)
  • Remove media they have added

To edit a Media Gallery configuration and metadata (available to Course Instructors)

  1. In the Media Gallery, select Edit from the Actions drop-down menu.

    The Edit Media Gallery page is displayed.
  2. (Optional) Enter a description and tags for the Media Gallery of the course.
  3. Select:
    Moderate Content (Media will not appear in Media Gallery until approved by the faculty) - Determines whether content should be moderated.
    Enable comments in Media Gallery - Determines whether comments should be enabled in the gallery.
    Keep comments private to Media Gallery - If checked, all comments added to media in Media Gallery will be private to the Media Gallery and will not appear elsewhere (except for the My Media page of the user who owns the media).
  4. Click Save.

Publishing Media to a Media Gallery

You can publish existing media or upload new content.

To publish existing media to a Media Gallery

  1. Click the + Add Media button.
  2. Select the recordings you want to add.
  3. Click Publish.


To import all media from one Media Gallery to another Media Gallery

1. Click on the 3 horizontal lines (hamburger icon) in the top right of the page and select Import.

2.  A list of all your courses will appear (your courses will appear differently than those in the image below). Simply choose the course from which you want to import all the media and click Import. 


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