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3D Printing: Scan and print an object

This article describes how to scan and 3D print an object.

About Learning Design and Technology

This article provides a brief outline of what services the Learning Design and Technology Team within Academic Technology provides.

Canvas & Zoom Technical Requirements

This article describes the technical requirements for using Canvas and Zoom.

File Management for Video Editing

File management for video editing is a crucial step in any video production, as it will keep your project on time, organized, and easily navigable. The three key concepts for managing any video project revolve around file naming, storage, and file structure for saving content.

Hardware Recommendations for Remote Teaching

This article contains recommendations for computer hardware add-ons for faculty who are remotely teaching.

iMovie Support

This article describes how to use iMovie.

Netiquette Guidelines

Netiquette is the socially and professionally acceptable way to communicate on the Internet. Please abide by these guidelines of "netiquette" when using online communication tools with your classmates and instructor.

Rich Media: Assessment

This article provides information on assessing a rich media project.

Rich Media: Convert a DVD to a digital video file

This article describes how to use the software "HandBrake" to convert a DVD to a video file.

Rich Media: Create screen recording using Quicktime

This article describes how to create a screen recording using Quicktime.

Rich media: Fix a video with sound on only one side

This article describes how to fix a video with sound coming out of only one headphone or speaker.

Rich Media: How to Properly Record a Voiceover

This article provides a video demonstration on how to properly record a voiceover.

Rich Media: How to Set Up and Record an Interview

This article provides information on how to set up and record an interview.

Rich Media: iMovie Tutorial

This video tutorial explains how to use the basic features of iMovie.

Rich Media: List of local media transfer services

This article provides a list of local media transfer services.

SketchUp Basics

This article goes over the basics of using SketchUp, including some best practices when getting started.

Teaching Strategies During Academic Disruptions

Teaching strategies and technology tools available to use during an academic disruption.

Using Kaltura Capture to Record a Zoom Session Associated with a HIPAA Account

This article will explain how to use Kaltura Capture to Record a Zoom Meeting using a HIPAA Account