Supervisor Update

To update an employee’s Supervisor and/or Time Approver, complete this form.

Bulk Updates: For bulk updates (due to long-term vacancies or restructuring), please complete the request form for one employee, and attach a completed Supervisor Update Template Excel spreadsheet.  You can find the template below on the right.

An employee’s Supervisor is who the employee reports to for performance management and the like.  For example, this is who is listed on the position description within PeopleAdmin.  An employee’s Time Approver is held responsible for approving timecards and time off requests within UKG (Kronos) and works with the employee on a regular basis, providing day-to-day supervision.  In general, an employee’s Supervisor and Time Approver is the same, but some departments may assign a team lead or other appropriate staff member to be the Time Approver, while a manager may be the Supervisor.

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