Sourcing Initiation Request

Procurement must obtain competitive pricing for the purchase of goods or services $35,000 or over through a formal sourcing process (formerly known as a bid process), unless the purchase is covered by the following types of existing contracts: USNH, state, federal, or other cooperative contract or pricing agreement (NHCUC, GSA, E&I). Any solicitation issued by Procurement is not a commitment to issue an order.

Types of solicitations:

  • Request for Information (RFI)
    An RFI is used when you don't know exactly what you want or you don't know what is available in the marketplace. The information received as a result of the RFI may assist in determining whether a formal request for bid or proposal is necessary.
  • Request for Bid (RFB)
    An RFB is used when you know precisely what you need and have precise requirements and specifications.
  • Request for Proposal (RFP)
    The RFP is a hybrid of these documents. An RFP is used when you have a general idea with some specifications and/or it's a large, complex project with potential for multiple solutions.

Initiating the sourcing process:

Select the "Submit a Reqest" button and complete the form.

Submit a Request


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