Services include academic computing, learning management and virtual teaching.

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Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Learning Management Systems (LMS) at USNH include Canvas and Moodle.

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Academic Software Applications

UNH IT Academic Technology along with various departments has purchased several software packages for use by the entire campus. These applications are being used by faculty and students to enhance existing courses through the use of computer technology.

Computer Lab Management

Enterprise Technology & Services provides support, management, and services for computers in classroom and departmental lab spaces.

Exam Scanning

The Exam Scanning service includes new functionality and is accomplished entirely in house; everything from the printing of materials to the actual scanning occurs at UNH.

Faculty Activity Reporting

myElements is a research information system. It automatically collects information related to research and scholarship using open data sources and licensed library databases.

Granite State ePortfolio (Chalk & Wire)

Granite State College offers Chalk & Wire as its ePortfolio, an electronic collection of evidence that portrays your learning journey over time.

Instructional Continuity

There are many technology resources available to provide instructional continuity for your classes when moving from face to face to online modality for a period of time. Access resources, training, support, and request consultations.

Instructional Design

Instructional design services are available to all faculty to enhance the quality of their teaching and support the effective use of instructional technology in their courses.

Plymouth State ePortfolio (Mahara)

Plymouth State offers Mahara, a fully featured electronic portfolio, weblog, resume builder and social networking system, connecting users and creating online communities.

Student Response System (iClickers)

Student Response Systems provide real-time polling capabilities in the classroom via dedicated "clicker" hardware, the use of mobile devices, or a web application.

Student Success Management System

myWildcat Success provides services for students to connect with advisors and faculty. This tool provides the opportunity for advisors and student support personnel to document and track student progress towards goals. Key features include scheduling and managing student appointments with advisors and faculty.

Teaching & Learning Resource Hub

Report issues or make suggestions on the Teaching and Learning Resource Hub.

Teaching Evaluations

Teaching and course evaluations are used to gather valuable student feedback and support a positive learning experience.

UNH Student Computing Clusters

The UNH Student Computing Labs/Clusters provide Macintosh, Windows, and Linux computer systems free for use by all UNH faculty, staff, and students.

Web Surveying (Qualtrics)

The Qualtrics Survey Research Suite is a web-based survey and data analysis service.