Services (8)

Employee Exit

This form is submitted by the managing supervisor for the position. If the employee has resigned, a formal resignation letter is required and should be attached when this request is submitted. Employees intending to submit a resignation should submit a resignation letter to their managing supervisor.

Employee Job and Position Changes

To make changes to an employee’s job or position information, including FTE changes, Job Location changes, TS Org changes, Contract Date changes, and other such requests.

Employee Recruitment Assistance

Managing supervisors may request assistance in recruiting to fill a position, or with the hiring/selection process.

General HR Support

To request general support from the HR department. You may also contact your HR Business Partner or call your HR department.

New Position Request

To request the creation of a new position.

Student Hiring

To hire a student into a student hourly or work-study position.

Supervisor Update

To update an employee's Supervisor and/or Time Approver.

USNH Time & Leave Reporting Support Requests

To report issues or request support regarding Time and Leave Reporting through the Kronos application.