myCourses Strips Attached Files from Email (Known Issue)


This article describes situations in which myCourses may remove attached files from communications through the system.



myCourses allows you to receive message notifications through preferred email/SMS addresses. Users can reply to these notifications directly through those preferred addresses, but any files attached to that reply from the email or SMS platform will be stripped out and not seen in myCourses by the recipient.

For example, you use your UNH email account to reply to a myCourses email from  your instructor.  You attach a file to that email, but your instructor will not receive it and you will not get any notification that the attachment was not sent.  This ability to respond to emails outside of myCourses is an extremely useful tool for written communication, but not for file transfers.

Affected Platform

  • myCourses email replies through any email system.

Resolution or Workaround

  • If you need to include a file attachment in a myCourses conversation/Inbox message make sure that you submit the message and attach the file from the Inbox tool in myCourses instead of your email/SMS client outside of myCourses.
  • Let the receiver of the email to view the email and the attachment through the myCourses Inbox.


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Fri 7/19/19 5:43 PM
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