Directed Communication (DC) Express: Request a List

ET&S, offers a community mailing list option, Directed Communication (DC) Express, using the UNH implementation of Mailman. Interested departments can use this service to send email to students participating in their programs. See Directed Communication (DC) Express: Overview for overview of this service.

Request a List

To request a DC Express list Fill out the web form here (a new request form will be available soon) and include the following information:

  • College/Department name (required)
    One academic department per list.
  • List administrator/owner (required)
    The list administrator, also known as the list owner, is the staff or faculty member(s) with primary responsibility for maintaining and/or posting to the list. Typically, this will be a department administrative assistant.
  • List moderators/users (optional)
    One or more staff or faculty with permission to post to the list.

You will receive a notification, along with additional information, when your list is ready.


Need Additional Help?

Contact the ET&S Help Desk team on your local campus. Request Assistance here: Web Form


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