eduroam and UNH

As of November 24, 2015 UNH has deployed an SSID called "eduroam."   The purpose of the eduroam network is to allow visitors from other academic institutions to gain network access without going through a local configuration.  Also, UNH users can visit other eduroam institutions and gain network access.

Support:  eduroam users should contact their home institution for support. 

Configuration:  Running the WiFi configuration applet at will configure your computer for access to eduroam. 

Location: In all academic, administrative, and residential buildings where available.  

More information, including an up-to-date list of eduroam institutions, can be found at

Known Issue: iOS devices do not automatically attach to the eduroam network.  This is due to a flaw in the way iOS handles its network profiles, preventing proper prioritization of network connections.  While the profile is built, users will have to manually select the eduroam network to attach from an iOS device.


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