Changing how a Room Resource Processes Meeting Requests in Outlook on the Web

Users with Full Access to a Room Resource in Exchange can manipulate how a Room Resource in the Outlook Global Address List processes Meeting Requests.

Please keep in mind that these settings are for Meeting Requests only. Booking directly to the calendar for the room resource by double clicking on the calendar and creating an appointment relies on traditional calendar permissions.

To manipulate calendar permissions, please see the article on how Giving a Delegate Editable Access to a Calendar in Outlook Desktop App

  1. Open the room resource as another mailbox

  2. Click on the Gear icon

  3. Select View all Outlook Settings

  4. Under the calendar tab, go to Resource Scheduling and select the settings you would like.

Resource Scheduling


Scheduling Options lets you allow or disallow conflicting meetings and/or repeating meetings. It also lets you choose whether to have the Room Resource automatically process meeting requests based on the availability of the room.

Scheduling Permissions lets you choose users and groups that have permission to schedule this resource by sending a Meeting Request


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